picked up on a shocking news on e-cigarettes, released by WNBC, a network-owned New York TV station. It appears that e-cigarettes, perceived as the safer alternative to normal cigarettes, have been used as a gateway to abuse other drugs, such as marijuana. Through their e-cigarettes, smokers can use marijuana out in the open, as the smell is masked by the cigarette device. 


Experts on marijuana and e cigarettes

Experts revealed that it is very hard to identify marijuana in this occasion, as the strong telltale smell is not released when the marijuana is in an e-cigarette or vaporizer, or consumed in liquid and wax form. 


Local authorities and drug counsellors are alarmed by this issue, especially when they consider the children! Whilst the society may have accepted that adults smoke marijuana, there is a major concern for underage individuals falling prey to these harmful and illegal substances. The idea that they can get away with smoking it out in the open, by using an e-cigarette, simply empowers them to go ahead and abuse the drug. 


The head of the Narcotics Unit at the Nassau Country Police Department, Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, voiced his major concerns about e-cigarettes and marijuana use. He is mostly worried that these e-cigarettes are the beginning of the journey for many children out there. After e-cigarettes, they move on to marijuana, acid, molly and most end up with heroin abuse. He is unhappy with the passive approach and acceptance the society showed to e-cigarettes. 


Detective Smith is not alone in his concerns, as anti-smoking activist John Banzhaf has been foreseeing this counter effect of e-cigarettes for the past three years. Banzhaf's main worry was that e-cigarettes will lead to cannabis abuse. 


The WNBC news release simply shows the public how threatening e-cigarettes can be to their children, even though they were introduced as a safer alternative to real cigarettes. 

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